I began visiting Tami this summer for hair removal. I was a bit nervous, but after sitting with her during the consultation, I was at ease. Tami explained the procedure and hair growth process and was very considerate to be sure I was comfortable as we began the procedure. This is truly one of the best decisions I have made. Waxing since my teens and plucked hairs for years...what a chore this was becoming! I could not be happier with the results. Thank you Tami. 
Joanne Cook
 I couldn't have asked for a better experience with electrolysis than I had with Tami. She helped me feel comfortable and unashamed about my situation, and I truly looked forward to my appointments with her. Her work environment is calming and relaxing--I could have fallen asleep during my treatments! She is extraordinarily professional, and a lovely, accommodating, and good-natured person. Her professionalism and care are irreplaceable. I highly recommend her services: she is a gem of an electrologist! 
C. J.
Eugene, OR
 Tami was the second non-family member I ever came out to as transgendered, and has immensely helped my self confidence as a woman. I had never done electrolysis before and was terrified walking into her office for the first time, but the soothing ambiance and feng shui really helped calm my beating heart. Even though I blindly stumbled in without an appointment she welcomed me with a bubbly and friendly persona. She told me of all the aspects of the electrolysis and what would happen, and then scheduled me right in as if I were one of her regulars. I'm deathly scared of needles, but her with thorough explanation I understood that it was simply a probe that you can't feel at all going in. The zap feels just like a small hair being plucked, no more. She even allowed me to experience the first couple of hairs removed free of charge to see if I wanted to continue. To be honest the hardest part of a couple of my appointments was not falling asleep! I always love the super calming music that just creates an aura of relaxation. I took a normal painkiller just in-case, and hardly felt anything. A couple spots are a little more sensitive then others but overall I was super happy with the super smooth results! It's so nice not having to shave every couple days! (I threw away all my old bottles of hair remover that did nothing but burn my skin.) Electrolysis is a much more economical option in the long run anyways. I would definitely recommend Tami as she the fastest and most thorough electrologist I have ever been to. 
Jennifer McFarland
Eugene, OR
 Electrolysis by Tami is great! Her waiting room is soothing with tea, music and a soft waterfall. I have used laser but the stubborn grey/white hairs needed electrolysis. Tami is very gentle and considerate of my low tolerance to my upper lip. I have been going monthly for less than a year and I have gone from 30 minutes to 15! She is gentle and as sweet as can be! I highly recommend her services! 
Eugene, OR
 Tami is a real sweet lady, and very understanding and open-minded when it comes to "non-traditional girls." I am not the first client she has had who is in this particular "Situation." I found her to be very welcoming of folks in this state of affairs. I would recommend Tami to anyone else I knew who was in that "transitional" stage of their existence... 
Eugene, OR
 You were to me, truly professional. and non-judgemental in the course of working with you on hair removal. Unfortunate that the economy precluded further treatment's until completed. I wish you and yours continued success and happiness. 
H. M.
Eugene, OR
 You always had such a warm and relaxing atmosphere which made it such a pleasant visit! One thing I love about your process is that my face didn't look like I got stung by a hundred bees when you were done (like it did with other electrologists)! 
D. B.
Eugene, OR
 I was Tami's client for a year, before I moved to another state, and my new electrologist said Tami does excellent work! She is both professional and enjoyable to work with, as well as efficient--speed and quality in one! 
C. C.
Eugene, OR
 As you know I was VERY self conscious before seeing you and getting my treatments. You made it easy and comfortable and we had fun sharing our stories together. I know your new clients will be happy! 
S. M.
Eugene, OR
 It has been so nice getting to know you the past few months. I have had a great experience being your client. 
N. K.
Eugene, OR
 I started going to you in March of 2011 through present. I have enjoyed getting to know you and having you as my electrolygist. 
G. J.
Eugene, OR
 My favorite electrologist! I have greatly enjoyed our time together while you were working on my eyebrows. You have a way of making people feel relaxed. I can't believe how little time it took to stop the re-growth, It's awesome not to have to tweeze my eyebrows every other day. It makes me feel more beautiful:) 
A. M.
Eugene, OR
 You do good work and are a most pleasant person, open, careful, present. 
G. M.
Eugene, OR
 I have had the pleasure to work with Tami Kanning for almost 9 months now, and I have really enjoyed working with her. She is wonderful at her craft and has worked quickly and methodically to make my face smooth and remove the hair. I was quite overwhelmed when I first started with Tami as I could not imagine having a clean smooth face with so much existing facial hair. Tami worked first to assure me that the task was manageable and then proceeded to make it happen. Her speed and efficiency comes from the complete attention she gives to her work and the pleasure she derives from her accomplishments. Even during two hour sessions, Tami remained focus and worked continuously and consistently.

Partnering with her talents and ability as an electrolysis, Tami has a wonderful personality and is very engaging and personable. I highly recommend Tami and am very very happy and satisfied with her work and the pleasure I have had working with her. 
M. D.
Eugene, OR
 I saw Tami for almost a full year to have hair treated for electrolysis and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Having seen about 5 other electrologist, I can confidently say that Tami was one of the very best. Not only is she flexible, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the process, but she made me feel comfortable throughout my year. Not only that but I am seeing a huge change in not only my hair growth (its almost all gone!) but also in my confidence. I have Tami to thank for that! I fully suggest anyone wanting to permanently rid themselves of unwanted hair to contact Tami! 
Judy S.
Eugene, OR
 I have always appreciated your service. You are very professional, calming and easy to talk to. 
A. P.
Eugene, OR
 I have greatly appreciated the treatments you've given me. You were always so professional and kept my mind at ease during treatments. 
D. B.
Eugene, OR
 You have been wonderful, you have such a calm spirit and gentle touch, I always felt so pampered when I came for a visit. Getting my facial hair removed has been a great boost to my self-confidence. If I had unlimited wealth, I'd have my legs done, too! 
D. P.
Eugene, OR
 I'd never been to an electrologist before, but once I started talking with Tami my anxiety about the process disappeared. She's a very empathetic person and a skilled worker. 
E. M.
Eugene, OR
 Tami Kanning was my electrologist until she left Great Fall, Montana. My husband and I were very satisfied with her work. Before she left she took a few hairs off of my big toe and they are still gone. Her work is excellent! 
A. H.
Great Falls, MT
 Top Notch! I am 110% happy with Tami's work. She's fast, very clean, & I felt very comfortable with her. Her equiptment is clean & new. Her office is comfortable & her personality is soothing. Best of all, she completely got rid of my unwanted hair for good!!! I stongly recomend Tami to anyone who has ever considered electrolosis. I've had many sessions with her & all have been a good experience. 
C. E.
Shelby, MT
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