Electrolysis is permanent, but not immediately permanent. It is not a quick fix and does take a series of treatments to achieve the permanent results you will be pleased with. The reason it is not immediate is because hair grows in cycles. Our hair, just like skin, is in a constant flux of shedding and replenishing. When you are born, you are born with a certain amount of hair germ cells and they don’t all appear at the same time. Hormones and some medications can play a part in providing the right environment for those hair germ cells to hatch out and become a potential problem.

It will take anywhere from 2-4 years to be hair free, depending upon the amount of growth you start with, what area is being treated, and if you have been waxing or tweezing. That doesn’t mean that it takes two years to kill one hair, by any means. It takes only a couple of treatments. As some hair sheds out, new hair is coming in. The new hair can then be treated and eliminated immediately. 

Consider, if you will, weeds in your garden. You can go out after a spring rain and pull all the weeds that you see in your garden- does that mean that you won’t have to go out the rest of the summer and have more weeds to pull? There are weed seeds under the ground just waiting for their opportunity to grow and of course you will be out there in a few days or weeks killing them. Your hair growth is very similar in its growth cycle. Just like it is important to catch those weeds when they are just popping through the ground, it is also very important to catch the hair when it is just coming in, and it is the most vulnerable to the treatment. Therefore, we will customize a schedule to fit your personal needs so you get the full benefit of the permanent results of hair removal using electrolysis. 

Electrolysis can be performed on almost any area of the body. “Any hair, anywhere!”, is our motto. You may be wondering what electrolysis feels like – well, it feels like a sudden warmth. There is no poking sensation, just a quick burst of heat. As we move quickly from one hair to another, feeling the quick bursts, your synapse will tire and the intensity will lessen as you adjust to it. Most people are surprised at how well they tolerate the treatment. Usually they imagine it will be worse than it actually is. Some areas may be more sensitive than others and at certain times of the month you may be more sensitive or have less tolerance (like you do with the kids or the mate). We do provide products that can help you feel more comfortable during your treatments if you feel that you need a little assistance some days. Some people feel that they are more sensitive and jumpy if they have had caffeine in coffee, tea or soda.

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